African Chai
About the Product
Robbios,Clnnamon,Ginger,Cloves,Cardamon,Fennel and Aniseed. All natural ingredients
Strengthen your body whit this rooibos based infusion,the perfect caffeine-free blend that replenishes whit antioxidants and hard to find nutrients,as it calms your soul and prepares you for the day ahead.
An herbal infusion of rich spices and powerful antioxidants combine in this caffeine-free blend,reconnecting you to ancient flavors and naturally energizing your body and soul. Composed of a..
Based on a handcrafted infusion of refreshing lemongrass, eucalyptus flower and cooling peppermint, known for their skin clearing effects on blackheads and blemishes, Claribio 1 Foaming Clea..
Intensively fortified with Heelonex™ technology, clinically proven to reduce the common signs of problem skin, Claribio 2 Nourishing mask is specially formulated with refreshing lemongrass..
An enriching and moisturizing experience, Claribio 3 Everyday Cream contains a natural boost of wheat germ oil, nettle and ginger to soothe, smooth and revive facial skin. Lemongrass, eucaly..
Designed for direct use on spots, Claribio 4 Spot Gel targets the signs of problem skin with purifying allantoin and potent Heelonex™ technology to help clear away blackheads and prevent b..
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